Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Classes and Botanic Gardens

Classes started Monday. They seem to be ok, definitely different from Elon. My lectures have anywhere from 50 to 200 people in them. There's also a tutorial for each class once a week, but they all start next week. I knew I wouldn't like most of the classes going into them because I'm taking history and literature, both of which I don't like. But I'm hoping they'll be alright. Finals are a month long and are at least 50% of the total grade, so I won't be able to judge how I'm doing until the end.
Other than classes, we've just been staying close by. I've been to the botanic gardens a bunch. They're less than a five minute walk away, and they have trails everywhere. Very easy to get lost though, so I make sure I have plenty of time.

The Water of Leith runs through the center of campus and alongside part of the gardens.
My favorite spot I've found so far in Dunedin, in the botanic gardens

I've also been fattening everyone up with my baking- chocolate chip cookies and chocolate oatmeal cookies- delish! It's hard to get used to the different measurements. Butter is in grams and the oven is in celsius. Somehow I've gotten away with not cooking until today. Besides not remembering to thaw the chicken (oops), I'm on my way to becoming master chef...not.

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