Saturday, September 29, 2012

Milford Sound

My flat plus another friend drove up to Milford Sound on Friday morning. Once again, we got incredibly lucky with the weather. It rains about 200 days of the year there, but we had clear, sunny skies for both days we were there.

Driving into Fiordland we stopped at Mirror Lake, and then had a picnic along the banks of Lake Gun.

We hiked part of the Routeburn track to Key Summit (on the opposite side of the mountain from my previous trip). It was only about a 2 hour hike to get to a stunning view of the area.

That night we saw our first glimpse of the Milford Sound, about a 10 minute walk from our hostel.

 The next day we went kayaking on the Milford Sound. Never been to a more beautiful spot.

Our group had an odd number so I kayaked with another American. He was an avid kayaker- I'd say I got pretty lucky.

 We got to see a fur seal and 3 penguins. So cute!

The wind was strong on the way back causing massive waves. Felt like we were in the ocean. Our guide put our kayaks together (there were 4 in the group) and hooked up a sail. Never even heard of sailing from a kayak so that was such a cool experience.

FYI: Daylight savings time here- now 17 hours ahead

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