Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It has been a week straight of studying. They take finals much more seriously here, as they are at least 50% of the overall grade.
It's finally getting to summer, so I've been able to enjoy the weather in-between studying. We went to Jamie's cricket game on the weekend and had a bbq during the week.
After my 3rd exam (I don't have another for a week), I convinced Lisen and my friend Courtney to drive up to Wanaka with me. I've been wanting to do a hike there, and it was the last chance to squeeze it in. We slept at our friend's parents house in Arrowtown and got in one last trip to Fergburger- SO good! We woke up early, drove over to Wanaka, and did the Isthmus Peak Track. The track goes up a mountain between Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea, with a view of Mt. Aspiring. It was probably the hardest hike I've done yet- 3 hours incline the whole way, then about 1.5 hours down. The views were incredible and completely worth the effort.

Tunnel Beach

I had the first week of the exam month period off. While others were studying, I went with my friend to Tunnel Beach. I went with my flat at the beginning of the year, but the weather was not all that great and the tides were too high. This time, it was sunny and we were able to walk down to the beach.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This week I've been having fun exploring more of Dunedin. Tuesday my Kiwi friend took me, Hannah, and Lisen cockle hunting at Purakanui Beach. To get the clams you have to dig an inch into the sand. We had a ton of success (got about 2 buckets full) and headed over to Long Beach to have a picnic on the sand. It was such a nice day- we even took a dip in the ocean. I only lasted a few minutes as it was absolutely freezing.

Friday I went to the organ pipes with the same Kiwi friend. It's a bunch of cool rocks to climb on near Mt. Cargill. A storm was coming in so we couldn't stay too long or we would've gotten blown over.

Saturday Lisen and I rented bikes. We biked over to the peninsula and had a picnic at the bay. Again a storm came in and cut our trip short. We got caught in a hail storm - not ideal. We had the bikes again Sunday so we went to St. Clair beach and hung out there for the afternoon.

Now I'm in the last week of classes. I had my farewell dinner with my program on Monday- can't believe it's coming to an end. I have one more month in Dunedin then will have 2 weeks to travel to the North Island, Australia, and Fiji before coming home.