Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Made it to Australia!!
Courtney, Elise, and I took an 8am flight on Sunday morning to Melbourne. We walked around the city for the day and met up with the rest of the crew that night at the hostel. 
The next day we took the tram into the center of town. We went to the National Gallery of Victoria, walked around Federation Square, and took a tram that looped around the city. 
Tuesday morning we went to the Victoria markets and then started our trip to Sydney.

This shot is of us seeing our first kangaroos. Pretty comical how excited we were, seeing as how there were many, many more kangaroos to come.

Continuing on, it was a pretty calm trip. We were surrounded by gorgeous landscape- nothing compared to New Zealand though! We made it to a small town called Cooma and decided to stay there for the night. The narrow roads filled with kangaroo obstacles were too dangerous to navigate in the dark. 

Wednesday we stopped at Canberra, the capital. The Senate was in session, so we watched them for a bit then took in the view of the city from the top. 

Afterwards we drove the final stretch to Sydney and stayed in a hostel in the center of town.
Thursday we went to the Taronga Zoo. It's a cool zoo, but I was quite disappointed to find out that it's illegal to hold a koala in the state of New South Wales. After seeing all the animals and viewing the koalas from a distance, we drove to Hannah's friend's place in New Castle and stayed there for the night.
For out last day, we drove around the city and had lunch by the opera house and harbor bridge. I was put as navigator- probably not the best decision they have ever made, but we made do.

Between the 2 weeks in New Zealand and Australia, we drove a little over 4000kms!

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