Saturday, December 1, 2012


From Sydney we flew to Fiji. Right from the airplane, we took a bus to Sigatoka where we were staying for 2 nights. We got in late afternoon and took a walk on the beach.

We befriended the fijian guys that lived at our backpackers. We played some rugby on the beach, and they taught us how to chop open coconuts.

Before we went to the next place, we took a bus to the Sigatoka markets. It was insane how many people they could pack on the bus- I sat on the floor. We didn't stay too long there however, since we were bombarded by all of the sellers. We were warned this would happen since we were obviously foreigners, but I didn't think it would be that intense.

The next hostel we stayed at was a step up, but did not have the awesome family like the first place. We mostly just hung out on the beach, swimming and laying in hammocks.

Before leaving to catch our flight, we made coconut bracelets. A Fijian taught us how to scrape, sand, and cut the coconut. Pretty cool.

Although we had planned to leave that afternoon, the airlines had a different plan in mind. We were delayed 8 hours, so they put us all up in a nice hotel. Ready to go the next day, they were 100 seats overbooked, so we volunteered to get bumped for compensation. They put us up in an amazing resorts- probably the nicest place I have and will ever stay in. With each having our own rooms and free food and drinks, we were living the life. 

The next day, the plane once again got delayed so back to the resort we went. Literally stuck in paradise! After a total of 3 extra days free of cost in Fiji, they eventually managed to get us a flight out.

36 hours later, I am home! Although I miss New Zealand like crazy, I am SO happy to finally be home!!