Sunday, September 15, 2013


This weekend I visited Stockholm to see my friend Lisen, who I lived with last year in New Zealand. 

I arrived Thursday night and made my way (slowly) to my hostel right outside the center of the city. Without my iPhone that I usually rely on to guide the way, I managed to take the right train and navigate the Swedish streets without too many wrong turns. The hostel turned out to be in a perfect location with a great view of the city. The people were also very friendly. I had 5 guys in my room from all around the world- Italy, Istanbul, Tokoyo, and Australia. 

view from my room

Friday morning while Lisen was still in class, I explored Gamla Stan (Old Town).

The Royal Palace

When I met up with Lisen, we did some shopping (ran into the fashion editor of Elle magazine!) and had a typical Swedish afternoon at a cafe, what they call "fika"- hanging out, drinking coffee, and of course eating cinnamon buns.

Saturday morning we had brunch at Fotografiska, a popular photography exhibit that is combined with a restaurant. The food was amazing, as were the views. To top it all off, Princess Victoria, who will be the next Queen of Sweden, was sitting at the table next to us with her husband Prince Daniel and their daughter.

    The Princesses and the famous chef

After brunch we took a ferry over to the island called Djurg√•rden. Here we went to the Skansen zoo/museum, which was a huge open area with a bunch of different Scandinavian animals as well as old buildings that showed off how people used to live and work in Sweden. 

also had great views of the main city!

On my last day in Sweden we went to a market on the southern end of the island. It was similar to a flea market, with handmade items, used clothing, and some delicious food trucks.

Couldn't have asked for a better weekend in Stockholm!

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