Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hellooo London

This week has been a whirlwind. I flew into London last Wednesday morning and moved into my flat across from Hyde Park, along with 20 other Elon students (quite the gigantic flat). This is a very posh part of London, five minutes away from the Kensington Palace where Prince Will and Kate live. Fighting the jet lag, my friend Mary-Katherine and I explored the area. We got turned around multiple times, but people have proven to be super friendly around here and helped us find our way. The next few days my program gave us a tour of parliament, a walking tour of our neighborhood of South Kensington, a bus tour of Central London, and an orchestra performance. 
Big Ben

London Eye


Orchestra Vitae

I spent my free time exploring South Kensington, especially Hyde Park (my favorite spot so far):

Tea at the Muffin Man

Kensington Palace (on the anniversary of Princess Di's death)

The Serpentine in Hyde Park

Famous Peter Pan Statue in Hyde Park                                  Round Pond in front of Kensington Palace

                           Diana Memorial                                                    Exhibit in Hyde Park

                                 Italian Gardens

                                                                  Kensington Gardens

Classes started Monday, so we had to reign in our enthusiasm a bit. It was hard getting back in the school mode with everything around me still so new, but the classes seem like they'll be interesting. And lucky for me, I somehow managed to pick classes that only meet Monday and Tuesday, so the shortened week makes it much easier to get through the work.

With the first week of classes over, I went on Wednesday to the Camden Markets with my roommate Lizzy (left) and MK. It was a really cool atmosphere, with little shops and stands selling clothes and jewelry, along with a wide variety of delicious smelling food carts.

Crepes. Couldn't be happier!

After seven days straight of mid 70 degree, sunny weather, the inevitable rainy day came. I seem to already be behind on my reading for class, so it forced me to actually get some work done. Of course, it also was the perfect day to spend at the famous Harrods. 
$1400 teddy bear

Can't wait to keep exploring London. But next week: Sweden!

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