Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Although it may appear that I don't do any schoolwork over here, classes are actually pretty time consuming. I'm not taking easy classes like I did in New Zealand, so the amount of work is quite different this time around. Since we're already half way through the semester (crazy!), I just finished midterms for 2 of my classes and a final for 1.

I've tried to do as much exploring of the city as I can manage around the studying and essays. One of my classes is mainly held outside of the classroom, so I've gotten to see a lot through that. With my classes I've been to the Museum of London, the Science Museum, the British Library to see the Propaganda exhibit, St. Paul's Cathedral, and toured the city of Greenwich.

View after climbing 259 stairs to get to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral

Millenium Bridge with St. Paul's in the distance

Took a boat under the Tower of London to get to Greenwich

The Painted Hall

View of Greenwich

Prime Meridian- half on the East, half on the West!

Outside of class, I've been to the Borough Markets (the best food around), Portobello Markets (antiques and handcrafts), Oxford Street/Soho, and Bath/Stonehenge. I also finally rented a Boris bike that I've been meaning to do for awhile now, which are located all around London. I mostly biked around Hyde Park and since it was a Sunday, I got to see the hype of Speakers' Corner. It was packed with people watching different speeches that were going on right next to each other. 

Found the best sandwiches in the world at Borough market

Beautiful day for a bike ride

Speakers' Corner

Roman Baths

 Bath Abbey


Fall Break is already here, so I'll be spending the next 10 days in Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris!

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